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Bow Creek Metal, Inc. is a full service custom metal fabrication company serving the Midwestern United States. We specialize in several types of manufacturing products listed below.

  • 12′ Custom Loader Bucket

    12′ Custom Loader Bucket

    Bow Creek Metal fabricated a 12' custom loader bucket.

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  • Custom Railing

    Custom Railing

    This Custom Railing has balusters made from twisted rods with baskets.  Bow Creek Metal designed farm scene inserts.  The railing was…

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  • Large Industrial Spools

    Large Industrial Spools

    These large spools were powder coated a specific color requested by our clients.  Each spool was made of heavy gauge steel.

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  • Platforms


    Bow Creek Metal was contracted to make large platforms used for work upon a dam.  These platforms had to meet…

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  • Storage Rack

    Storage Rack

    Contracted by a manufacturing company to fabricate heavy duty storage racks for their equipment.  These racks are made from heavy…

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  • Window Bars

    Window Bars

    Bow Creek Metal was contracted to fabricate numerous window bars for a remodel and expansion of a correctional institution.  After…

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  • Concrete Embeds

    Concrete Embeds

    Bow Creek Metal will fabricate your structural embedment according to your plans, building codes and requirements.

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  • Custom Metal Decoration

    Custom Metal Decoration

    2’X2’ Metal Pelican Cabin Decoration. Powder Coated Black.

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  • Ornamental Railings

    Ornamental Railings

    Bow Creek Metal can create the perfect railing for your home, office building, church, or city property. We work with…

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  • Custom Signs

    Custom Signs

    Bow Creek Metal has created a variety of custom signs for farms, homes, and businesses. These signs range in size…

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  • Powder Coating Line

    Powder Coating Line

    Our Powder Coating Line can handle many different items in the phosphate wash, paint booth and oven.

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  • Large Item Powder Coating

    Large Item Powder Coating

    Bow Creek Metal can powder coat numerous items in a variety of sizes. We have powder coated car frames, dumpsters,…

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  • 40′ Monopole

    40′ Monopole

    40’ Monopole that was powder coated to customer specifications.

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  • Gold Sluice

    Gold Sluice

    A client designed a gold sluice for panning/mining for gold in the Black Hills. We created the sluice using his…

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  • Gate Racks

    Gate Racks

    Gate racks made for a retailer to display farm gates and panel.

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  • Post Racks

    Post Racks

    Post Rack custom fabricated for retailer to display wood posts.

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  • Custom Truck Storage and Catwalk

    Custom Truck Storage and Catwalk

    Custom storage and catwalk created for a grain truck.

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  • Outside Cart Rack

    Outside Cart Rack

    Custom cart rack for retailer.

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  • Custom Hoppers

    Custom Hoppers

    This is a custom ordered hopper. It is used to hold a specific product for a manufacturer. We have created…

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  • Racks


    Custom racks for a manufacturers product. Fabricated and Powder coated to specifications.  

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  • Custom Display Table Cart

    Custom Display Table Cart

    This is a custom display cart table. The display sat within the cart and made moving it much easier. Specifically…

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  • Custom Water Tank

    Custom Water Tank

    Custom Fabricated 20’ Water tank with storage  

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